Making the Most of Social Media in Affiliate Marketing

Social media owns the world! With 211 million users in the U.S. alone this year, it’s emerged as the most influential medium there is! Marketers have long been using the power of social media to expand their customer reach and penetrate the global market. Affiliate marketing is one such strategy that reaps the many benefits of social media. Continue reading

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6 Affiliate Marketing Myths You Need To Ignore

Affiliate marketing is a relatively efficient way of promoting your business. It helps companies turn potential customers into sales and re-direct the follow of online traffic toward their websites. A fast increase in popularity of the industry has resulted in affiliate marketing becoming a hot topic of discussion.   Continue reading

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Reasons Why WooCommerce Is The Perfect Choice For E-startups – Infographic

Commenced in late September 2011. WooCommerce currently wires a considerable segment of the ever-growing e-commerce pie, exhibiting more 1.6 million downloads from all around the world.
Infographic By LeadDyno

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