3 Metrics You Should Track As an Affiliate Marketer

The success of your affiliate marketing program depends largely on the activity of your affiliates and how productive they are. But, in order to recognize just how effective your program is, you need an affiliate tracking system that keeps track of your affiliates’ activity and how well they are performing. Continue reading

How To Effectively Use Fitness Affiliate Marketing

Are you a fitness blogger who wants to help readers find the right services and products to achieve their fitness goals?

An easy yet effective way to do this is by affiliate marketing.  This marketing tool is ideal for those online personalities that have both a great deal of knowledge about health & fitness and want to recommend related products to purchase. Continue reading

Here’s How To Maximize Use Of Your Affiliate Marketing Program

The ever-increasing enthusiasm consumers show toward online shopping is testament to the fact that affiliate marketing has the potential to boost your business’s ROI like nothing else.

The term ‘Affiliate Marketing’ is not new to bloggers or anyone with a substantial online following. As experts would tell you; mastering the art of affiliate marketing is a straightforward process—if you follow the right practices. Continue reading

LeadDyno - The Best Saas Affiliate Program 2018

The Best SaaS Affiliate Program Got Even Better

Our own popular affiliate program just got a boost with a new partner-friendly feature. I’ll share the specifics of why we are the best SaaS Affiliate Program with you in a minute.

In this update, we’ll discuss the ways we can partner together – such as:

  • Our own affiliate program, which pays generous 20% (recurring!) commissions,
  • A new agency-friendly setup (for our partners with multiple clients),
  • How you can find 2,442 affiliate programs to promote as an influencer, and
  • How you can recruit affiliates and influencers from our own affiliate and influencer network.

Continue reading