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Camping Affiliate Programs To Team Up With In 2019

It’s time to go on an adventure. Outdoor living style. So pack up your tents, sleeping bags, portable cooking equipment, and all your other favorite camping gear. But wait. Are you in need of brand new camping accessories? Then the camping affiliate programs below can help you out.

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Gaming Affiliate Programs Guide | LeadDyno

6 Brilliant Gaming Affiliate Programs of 2019

Get on your favorite headsets and listen up. Did you know that there are around 2.2 billion gamers in the world? Yeah! That’s a heck of a lot of gamers! And the best thing about that – is they all need to get their gaming gear from somewhere, right? So that’s why we have prepared 6 awesome gaming affiliate programs that you can join today.

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CBD Affiliate Programs for Affiliate Marketers

CBD Affiliate Programs | Hemp Extract CBD Oil Products

Today we share with you affiliate products from a currently booming niche – CBD oil products. These are products created using hemp extracts. So if you are curious about jumping on board the CBD train, then this list of the latest CBD affiliate programs will help get you started.

We have for you exclusive insight into 3 affiliate programs that you can join today. They include:

  1. The Provacan Health Care Pack
  2. Enliven Essentials Hemp Extracts Products
  3. CBD Products for Pain Relief by 3BL for Living

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Vape Affiliate Programs | LeadDyno Guide

Vape Affiliate Programs | Sneak Peek at Programs for 2019

The vaping community has grown considerably in the past couple of years. Not only will you find plenty of vape stores popping up, but there are even a growing number of vaping influencers appearing on the scene. You only need to visit social sites like YouTube and Instagram to find these thriving influencers. And the online vape stores are becoming extremely competitive, that the owners are seeking out affiliates to market their products. So we thought it would be a great idea to kick off the weekend with a couple of the latest vape affiliate programs to excite all the smokers out there.

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Golf Affiliate Programs | LeadDyno Affiliate Guide

The Latest Golf Affiliate Programs

Golf is definitely a leisurely sport for those with deep pockets. And don’t think that it’s only the golfing industry that capitalizes on the folks who seek out this expensive hobby. Affiliate marketers can also get their hands on the loot. So if you run an influential golf blog or even if you have a decent following on social media, you should become a member of golf affiliate programs. You will then have the opportunity to promote golf products to your audience and earn an honorable commission for every sale you make.

“So where do I find and how do I become a member of these golf affiliate programs”?

Glad you asked!!

We have a large directory of merchants looking for affiliate marketers just like you! They include a wide range of niches. We guarantee you will find a program that’s perfect for you.

Every week, we share with you the latest affiliate programs with some of the best products that you can promote on your websites or through your social media feeds.

And today, it just so happens we will be sharing the latest golf affiliate programs. So feel free to go ahead and check them out. We have included links to the merchant’s official websites so you can explore their products further. And of course, get to know the companies a little better before you actually make the decision to partner with them.

Not only that!

We have also included links to take you straight to the affiliate sign up page. So let’s not dilly-dally any longer, and get right to it!

Newest Golf Affiliate Programs

  • Golf Swing Practice Club (20% Commish)
  • Cool Golf Tees (10% Commish)

Now let’s find out a little more about these great golfing affiliate programs.

Golf Swing Practice Club (20% Commission)

Golf Swing Practice Club | Golf Affiliate ProgramsGolfing is intimidating for newbies, considering the pros that show off all over the golf course. The pressure to fit in is real.

Between you and me, allow me to let you in on what I’d call a hack. With just 15 minutes of practice a day, the Swing Coach will help you learn to swing while keeping things simple and achievable.

Learning to golf will be fun, easy and less intimidating thanks to this ultimate golf swing practice club. It’s featured on the Golf Channel so you’re getting the real deal.

Affiliates – start earning a healthy commission of 20% on each sale you bring to the team. Register as an affiliate of Swing Coach and you will be one step closer to earning those bucks!

Cool Golf Tees (10% Commission)

Golf Tees 10% Commission - Flex Head Tees

Are you looking for the perfect gift to buy for your golfing buddy? How about a set of super funky golf tees!

When it comes to golf – it’s all about precision. Ask any golfer. There is no place for mediocre golf equipment on the golf course. So make sure you get your buddy only the coolest golf tees out there! And not just from anywhere, but from Flex Head Tees. These guys produce the best quality, most high-tech golf tees in the world!

Perhaps you could consider the Players Pack. It consists of eight tees. Choose from a range of sizes. They are also available in many lively colors. Such as bright yellow, orange, pink, red and white.

Affiliates – start promoting these cool golf tees and you will be rewarded with 10% commission for every sale you make. But first, make sure you have applied to become an affiliate of Flex Head Tees.


There you have it. The most recent affiliate programs in the golfing niche. If you want to explore other affiliate niches where you can earn some decent change, then go read our previous article, 11 Most Profitable Niches For Affiliate Marketing.

Until next time, good luck with your affiliate marketing endeavors! Make sure you share with us your success stories. Maybe even your disaster stories. Either way, we love hearing from you guys!

Outdoor Affiliate Programs with LeadDyno

7 Latest Outdoor Affiliate Programs of 2018

(UPDATED 15 July 2018) We have added 4 more outdoor affiliate programs to the guide. So you can share more fun products with your followers and make even more money through commissions!

If you’re into outdoor activities and you wish to market the products that you love, then keep reading! We are delighted to share with you, 7 brand new Outdoor Affiliate Programs that have only just launched.

Interested? Then check out the outdoor products that you could promote and potentially generate an income purely through commissions.

  1. Hiking & Camping Products (5% commish)
  2. Outdoor Survival Gear (10% commish)
  3. Golf Tees (10% commish)
  4. Fishing & Outdoor Gear (6.5% commish)
  5. Sleek Helmets (15% commish)
  6. Electric Bikes (15% commish)
  7. Gear for Cruise Junkies (10%)

2018 Outdoor Affiliate Programs

1. Hiking & Camping Products [5% Commission]

Rectrekk - Outdoor Adventures

You haven’t lived until you’ve gone on a hiking or camping trip. What is living without being in touch with the beauty of nature? Refreshing from the hustle of the city to the scenic outdoor aura that the outdoor life has to offer.

So start planning your next adventure and get yourself equipped with Rectrekk. Get all your hiking and camping products including backpacks, apparel and camping gear. Maybe an escape into nature is exactly what you need to start living.

As an affiliate, you earn a commission of 5% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Rectrekk.

2. Outdoor Survival Gear [10% Commission]

Howling Outdoors Affiliate Marketing Products

There is more to fishing than just catching fish. You could spend the whole day without catching a single fish but still have a really great day.

Besides the pure enjoyment of unwinding and the pleasure of nothingness, fishing is often spent connecting with loved ones – and that’s where the treasure is.

Most importantly, you’ll be making unforgettable memories with the ones you love.

Get all your fishing, survival, camping and outdoors gear from Howling Outdoors. They will equip you for your next memorable trip with the gear that you need.

Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales. Be the first to start promoting them by applying to become an affiliate of Howling Outdoors.

3. Golf Tees [10% Commission]

Golf Tees 10% Commission - Flex Head Tees

Golf is all about precision. Golfers know this better. And so anything sub-standard does not belong on the golf course.

Therefore, save yourself the embarrassment and disappointment by getting yourself the best golf tees you can get from Flex Head Tees. Let us point out that these are the most high-tech golf tees in the world.

For as little as $17.99, you can get a Players Pack of eight tees in all sizes for you to choose from and available in vibrant colors such as yellow, red, orange, pink and white. And now you’re ready to show off your excellence on the course.

Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales. So why are you still sitting there? Apply Now to become an affiliate of Flex Head Tees.

4. Fishing & Outdoor Gear [6.5% Commission]

Tackle Box | Outdoor Affiliate Program

Is a fishing trip on your calendar this holiday? Unwinding time with family or friends is always something to look forward to.

But, it will only be what you make it.

It could either be an exuberant experience with spanking cool rod kits, baits, tools, and the right fishing style gear or it could be an uninspiring event with amateurish gear. Your choice.

So, if you’re eager to be the exciting fancy-pants fisherman, do yourself a favor and get fully geared up at Tackle Box Fishing & Outdoors.

The commission rate for each sale may only be 6.5%, but the high market interest in these products means that purchase numbers will rise. So make sure you become an affiliate of Tackle Box Fishing & Outdoors and promote the heck out of their outdoor products.

5. Sleek Helmets [15% Commission]

Stylish Motobike Helmets | Outdoor Affiliate Programs

Looking for a “W-O-W factor” gift for your biker buddy? Then you should definitely check this out, ‘cause Voss Helmets makes to impress.

I’m not even a biker and I think I want one of their helmets. The sleekest headgear I’ve ever seen. Something you’d see on a next-generation biker fashion runway.

A helmet from Voss Helmets will sweep your person off their feet for sure! This gift will be the talk of the season.

Affiliates – if you want to earn a commission of 15% on sales, then apply now to become an affiliate of Voss Helmets.

6. Best Performing Electric Bikes [15% Commission]

Aimos - High Performance Electric BikesTechnology makes everything more exciting. Bicycles were cool but they became so much cooler when technology made them electric.

If ever you needed the inspiration to get a bike, a high-performing bike from xtbikes will certainly excite you.

These awesome things make a great alternative to your usual commute while they provide a good balance of working out without burning out. Thank goodness.

Oh, and these nifty bikes will keep you rolling for up to 30 miles depending on how much you peddle. Neat stuff.

If you think you can be the best performing salesperson, then sign up to become an affiliate of xtbikes and start marketing their electric bikes.

7. Gear for Cruise Junkies [10% Commission]

Outdoor Gear for the Cruise Junkies

Cruising on scenic waters. Good weather, good people, and great vibes. It gets addictive, one cruise after another.

Yeah, the life of living it well.

If you’re preparing for your next ocean adventure, you’ve got to check out Cruise Junkie.

Get all kinds of cool gear to officiate your leisure obsession. Moneybags, tees, tags and more with the Cruise Junkie statement print – designed for all the cruise junkies out there.

Affiliates – if you this sounds of interest to you, then apply here to become an affiliate of Cruise Junkie so you can start earning 10% commission on each sale.

If your fingers are still restless and you wish to browse even more outdoor affiliate programs – then click here to get there.


Well, that wraps up today’s featured guide on the newest Outdoor Affiliate Programs. If you missed our previous guide to the latest products that you can promote, then check it out here.

Perhaps you’d be interested to read our article about the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing.

Recreation Affiliate Programs guide by LeadDyno

Recreation Affiliate Programs | 2018 Latest Affiliate Products

(UPDATED 15 July 2018) Instead of creating a completely new post about recreation affiliate programs, we decided to update one that we had previously published. So for those of you who have already read the original, we have added two new programs to the list. For the rest of you – enjoy the whole article!

If you are an online influencer or perhaps you’re looking to head in that direction, then we have some awesome recreation affiliate programs that you can share with your followers. We have done our best to include something for everyone.

Below you will find 5 of these latest recreation affiliate programs that you can register with immediately. Read about the products each merchant is offering and click on their website links to find out even more.

  • Horse Riding Fashion (10% Commish)
  • Swimming Pool Noodles (10% Commish)
  • Vessel & Vehicle Storage Gear (10-20% Commish)
  • CBD Hemp Products (10% Commish)
  • Top Quality Orbeez Guns (25% Commish)

Latest Recreation Affiliate Programs

Now let’s kick things off with the first affiliate program on our list for today.

Horse Riding Fashion [10% Commission]

Horse Riding Fashion by CapaillíníHorse riding is an enjoyable outdoor hobby or recreation activity for people of all ages.

Besides being fun and emotionally rewarding, horse riding has many fitness benefits. If you were raised in a horse riding family, you’ll appreciate this lifestyle more than anyone.

Capaillíní Equestrian Collection will get you dressed up fashionably with their boutique apparel.

You’ll find some attractive pieces that would make adored gifts for any horse lover.

Affiliates – want to earn a commission of 10% on sales? Then sign up here to become an affiliate of Capaillíní Equestrian Collection so you can start promoting their products.

Swimming Pool Foam Noodles [10% Commission]

Swimming Pool Foam Noodles

Have a problem? Maybe a noodle can solve it. Did you know that there are over 50 uses for swimming pool foam noodles?

Get ready for this.

Some fun uses include a DIY playpen for the kids, a door guard to protect precious fingers from being slammed, a treat on a stick stand, bed bumper to prevent your little one from rolling off the bed, DIY sprinkler for water fun on hot summer days and so much more.

I’m pretty sure that a foam noodle will solve a lot of our household problems.

For all your foam noodle supplies, FoamNoodles has it all and in an exciting range of colors! I think I need a good stock of foam noodles to get busy with this weekend!

Are you ready to promote these foam noodles on your blog or social feed? If yes, then you had better get registered as an affiliate of FoamNoodles to be the first to markets their products.

Vessel & Vehicle Storage Gear [10-20% Commission]

TackleWebs | Outdoor Storage Gear

Whether you’re sailing on the coast of the Caribbean Islands, sipping on a margarita on a sunny white sand beach as you immerse in the atmosphere of the refreshing rhythm of the waves and palm trees. Or embarking on an adventure drive in the middle of nowhere – TackleWebs has all the storage gear you need.

Suppliers of high quality patented gear pouches, TackleWebs has a range of storage gear that you’ll find very useful for various recreational activities.

Affiliates – this is your opportunity to promote these unique products to earn between 10-20% in commission. But first, you will need to register as an affiliate of TackleWebs.

CBD Hemp Products [10% Commission]

CBD Hemp ProductsNeed some CBD hemp products to feel good or just for the fun of it? However you plan to consume the stuff (apply, eat or smoke), you can get your fix of the stuff from Steve’s Goods.

All legal of course. Get CBD hemp wax, oil, shatter, cookies and even suppositories.

Yeah if you need some fast working action and lasting relief, popping a suppository in will do the trick.

Go on and experience the benefits of CBD hemp – it’s worth it.

If you’re a CBD influencer, then this is your opportunity to earn a 10% commission on sales. Simply apply here to become an affiliate of Steve’s Goods and then start promoting their products.

Top Quality Orbeez Guns [25% Commission]

Orbeez Guns | SoftSoldierGun toys can freak many parents out – for obvious reasons we won’t indulge in right now. As a parent, my number one concern as far as gun toys go is safety.

So if mini-you has an interest in combat, you may as well encourage a safe environment for them to “play”.

So you’ll want to get top quality Orbeez guns from SoftSoldier – that shoots harmless crystal bullets.

Look, I’ll be honest, I’m not into guns but when I checked out the Orbeez Hybrid Combat Rifle, I was impressed. It shoots 4-6 shots per second. For a toy, that’s pretty neat stuff.

If you want to earn a generous commission of 25% per sale, then we suggest that you register now to become an affiliate of SoftSoldier.

If you are keen to explore even more recreation affiliate programs, then you had better check out the full affiliate directory.

And that’s all we have for you today. Catch up with us every week, where we share with you everything about affiliate marketing.

Finally, to wrap things up – we invite you to read our latest guide, 11 Most Profitable Niches For Affiliate Marketing.