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Influencer Marketing Training: Summit Access Pass

Ahh… another awesome perk if you are a LeadDyno member. We are giving you a comped invitation to the first Influencer Marketing Training Summit for e-commerce merchants! If you would like to accept this heartwarming invitation, then click right here to access the exclusive summit now.

Thanks to our sponsorship of the summit, you can now access interviews with 18 experts on influencer and social media marketing. And it will cost you absolutely nothing!

That’s right!

Get your hands on Influencer Marketing Training for FREE!

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Explaining How Affiliate Tracking Works

As affiliate marketing is a performance based concept, its success largely depends upon the advertisers’ ability to assess the performance of their affiliate campaigns. The smooth allocation of transactions is critical to an effective affiliate program, and if an affiliate succeeds in generating leads, they need to be remunerated in a timely and efficient manner. Continue reading

15 SaaS Affiliate Marketing Programs Guide | LeadDyno

SaaS Affiliate Marketing Programs: 15 Software Products Ready To Market

There are software tools out there for just about anything to manage a business or even start a business. We’re talking about tools that can help build and manage a website or even software to simply edit your social media images. So with the growing demand for all these handy online tools, there has been a peak in businesses offering these software packages as a service. And that’s why today, we will be sharing with you 15 of the latest SaaS affiliate marketing programs where you can promote such software tools.

Let’s take a glimpse at these 15 affiliate programs that we will be covering today.
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LeadDyno Agency Account Setup

Congratulations on your LeadDyno Agency Account! We are excited to partner with you. Here are the steps you can follow to finish setting up your agency account.

Step 1 – Make sure you’re signed up for our affiliate program so that you can earn commissions for your referrals. If you’re reading this, you are most likely already a partner! You can click here to access your LeadDyno affiliate dashboard.

Step 2 – Log into your main LeadDyno account and click Settings – Agency Accounts.

Step 3 – Don’t yet see any accounts? Have your clients log into their LeadDyno accounts and add your email address.

They can do this under SettingsAccount InfoEdit Account InfoAgency User EmailSave.

As soon as your client hits save, you will be able to access their account from your own agency view.

Step 4 – You can now toggle between your client’s accounts using your new Agency Account view.

Any questions? Please reach out to our friendly customer support team here.


LeadDyno Guide Online Clothing Affiliate Programs

9 Online Clothing Affiliate Programs

We wouldn’t consider ourselves the trendiest dressers around. But we definitely do know a thing or two about the latest must-have fashion outfits. Well, let’s just say that we’ve done our homework to allow us to compile today’s top trending online clothing affiliate programs.

So if you’re in the business of promoting clothing apparel through a blog or perhaps through your Instagram account – then these 9 affiliate programs of online clothing is exactly what you need!
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Why Use Affiliate Marketing? Infographic

Affiliate Marketing is performance – based.
You only have to pay commission to your affiliate once the desired action has taken place this motivates the affiliate to drive the conversion you’re looking for.
This can help you figure out which affiliates work and which do not. Brought To You By LeadDyno

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