Keeping Up With Trends - LeadDyno Affiliate Guide

2019 Clothing Trends | 9 Latest Programs For Affiliate Marketers

What’s the word on the street about the latest clothing trends of 2019? Bright, funky neon colors? Maybe the seasoned ripped jeans look is the style to rock. How about apparel with a sexy animal print design?

Well, we have all of the above and more!

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Affiliate Programs with High Payouts

7 High Paying Affiliate Programs

Wouldn’t it be great if all affiliate programs offered huge commission rates to their marketers? Unfortunately, most companies you come across are offering their affiliate partners less than 10% on generated sales. So that’s why our content planners at LeadDyno thought it would be fun to come up with a collection of high paying affiliate programs catered just for you! That’s seven programs, to be exact.

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Sell Bags | Make Money | Afiliate Marketing Opportunities

3 Trendy Bags Affiliate Programs

If you’re involved in the clothing and fashion scene, then you’ll definitely want to look into these latest bags affiliate programs. Of course, that’s if you have an interest in promoting them on social media or your blog.

The brands that are offering up the opportunity to partner with them have many great bag products just waiting to be marketed. So carry on reading. And familiarize yourself with the brands and their product details. Then click on the affiliate sign-up links to get the party started!

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Raging Sportswear - Latest Sports Apparel Affiliate Programs

Sports Apparel Affiliate Programs

This week in the world of affiliate marketing, we will be sharing program highlights in the clothing niche. This guide will focus specifically on sports apparel affiliate programs. And when you’re done lapping up the content served up here, make sure to bounce on over to the lingerie programs. Unless you’re all about sports and don’t roll that way.

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Men's Clothing Affiliate Programs | LeadDyno Marketing

3 Men’s Clothing Affiliate Programs

The upcoming products are for all the guys in the house – boyfriends, husbands, dads, grandfathers, sons, brothers, uncles, nephews. So yeah, if you have a decent following of folks who would be interested in merchandize for men, then this guide’s for you. We bring to you 3 of the latest men’s clothing affiliate programs that you can register with today.

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5 WooCommerce Affiliate Plugins That Will Help You Woo New Customers

The introduction of WooCommerce to the business world has enabled 30% of all online stores to make use of it in order to launch their businesses and online stores. It has provided an incredible platform that allows you to add third-party affiliate products to your online store through a simple plugin. Continue reading

Get Affiliated With The Future! What the Future Holds for Affiliate Marketers

When was the last time someone recommended a product to you because a YouTube influencer vouched for it? Think of the number of times you tried a new restaurant because your favorite celebrity loved the food there? Too many times to count, right? Continue reading

The Best Coffee Affiliate Programs 2019

5 Coffee Affiliate Programs

Wake up and smell the freshly brewed coffee! We have compiled a quick guide to showcase the best coffee affiliate programs available in 2019.

So this one’s for all of you affiliates with your coffee loving followers. Here are some awesome coffee products that you can promote on your website or social platform.

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Influencer Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

With the steady increase in ad block applications by internet users on their browsers, it’s very apparent that other avenues need to be explored to reach consumers. There is no wonder that influencer campaigns are trending as of lately. It’s not just a bandwagon trend but a tried and tested model which is being used to elevate marketing campaigns and make outreach more effective.   Continue reading