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SaaS Affiliate Marketing Programs: 15 Software Products Ready To Market

There are software tools out there for just about anything to manage a business or even start a business. We’re talking about tools that can help build and manage a website or even software to simply edit your social media images. So with the growing demand for all these handy online tools, there has been a peak in businesses offering these software packages as a service. And that’s why today, we will be sharing with you 15 of the latest SaaS affiliate marketing programs where you can promote such software tools.

Let’s take a glimpse at these 15 affiliate programs that we will be covering today.
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LeadDyno Agency Account Setup

Congratulations on your LeadDyno Agency Account! We are excited to partner with you. Here are the steps you can follow to finish setting up your agency account.

Step 1 – Make sure you’re signed up for our affiliate program so that you can earn commissions for your referrals. If you’re reading this, you are most likely already a partner! You can click here to access your LeadDyno affiliate dashboard.

Step 2 – Log into your main LeadDyno account and click Settings – Agency Accounts.

Step 3 – Don’t yet see any accounts? Have your clients log into their LeadDyno accounts and add your email address.

They can do this under SettingsAccount InfoEdit Account InfoAgency User EmailSave.

As soon as your client hits save, you will be able to access their account from your own agency view.

Step 4 – You can now toggle between your client’s accounts using your new Agency Account view.

Any questions? Please reach out to our friendly customer support team here.


LeadDyno Guide Online Clothing Affiliate Programs

9 Online Clothing Affiliate Programs

We wouldn’t consider ourselves the trendiest dressers around. But we definitely do know a thing or two about the latest must-have fashion outfits. Well, let’s just say that we’ve done our homework to allow us to compile today’s top trending online clothing affiliate programs.

So if you’re in the business of promoting clothing apparel through a blog or perhaps through your Instagram account – then these 9 affiliate programs of online clothing is exactly what you need!
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Why Use Affiliate Marketing? Infographic

Affiliate Marketing is performance – based.
You only have to pay commission to your affiliate once the desired action has taken place this motivates the affiliate to drive the conversion you’re looking for.
This can help you figure out which affiliates work and which do not. Brought To You By LeadDyno

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15 Free Influencer Marketing Invitations (Per Month!)

In this LeadDyno-powered affiliate and influencer marketing newsletter we’ll discuss how you can:

  • Access 15 complimentary affiliate / influencer invitations right now,
  • Get your affiliate program featured in our next newsletter, and
  • Receive valuable tax advice (no cost) from our all-star accountant.

#1 – Now Providing 15 Direct Influencer Invitations via ECA

I want to help you dial up your affiliate recruitment as we head down the home stretch in 2018.

So, I talked our guys into boosting your affiliate invitations per month via our E-Commerce Affiliate Network (ECA) up to 15 per month. (Previously, all merchants received just 5.)

And, You Now Have a 5-Day “Invitation Refund” Built In

Plus, any invitations you extend that are not replied to will now be “timed out” after 5 days. And you’ll receive a full credit back into your account. This means you can keep extending invites until you recruit 15 great influencers. And then you can do it again next month. And so on.

Click the Image Below to Extend Influencer Invitations!

We also feature 5 affiliate programs every day in our email newsletters and Facebook posts for the affiliates and influencers. Congratulations to these well-deserving affiliate programs that saw their names in lights over the past week!

Would you like to have your affiliate program featured? Please let me know!

First step is to join ECA (if you haven’t already). Click the Network tab from within LeadDyno (lower-left corner) to setup your merchant profile. Then, I can work with you to polish your profile and get you dialed in for your feature.

Click the Image Below to Join (or Access) our Affiliate / Influencer Network

#2 – Another Feature Opp: Share Your Growth Story

Newbies to affiliate and influencer marketing often mistakenly think what we do is easy and fast in terms of achieving success.

Affiliate and influencer marketing is cost effective. It is highly scalable. It builds over time and a successful program will fill your sales pipeline for years to come. But it isn’t as easy or as fast as a single-click app add. There’s more to it.

I’m working on a newsletter article about slow, steady and successful affiliate program growth. If you’re interested in sharing your story and having your affiliate program featured in the piece, please Reply to this email and talk to me!

Our Own “Slow Growth” Success Story – Stay Tuned for Details

#3 – Small Business Tax Advice: Upcoming Webinar

Tax questions come up a lot in our conversations with customers. While we don’t give tax advice, we have an awesome CPA firm we work with that does. And their managing partner has kindly agreed to co-host a webinar with me to answer your tax questions.

Here are potential topics that our accounting guru will cover:

  1. Rules around filing 1099MISC forms
  2. Inventory Issues – when to treat product as inventory or non-inventory
  3. Cash Flow – ways of improving cash by accelerating receipts and delaying vendor payments
  4. Entity Selection – what entities are best for tax planning and reducing the tax bill
  5. New Tax Reform Act – how to maximize the benefits of a very complex tax law
  6. How to Structure Employee Compensation – whether for the business owner, children or non-related workers
  7. Top 4 ways of reducing taxes NOW

Are these topics of interest to you? Are there others you would like to see covered? Please complete this short “small business tax help” survey to let me know as we plan this potential event.

This event will be free for LeadDyno customers, partners and friends to attend. Again, here’s that tax webinar survey.

Bonus – Need a Good Web Developer? Talk to Craig

Good, reliable web developers are tough to come by. If you’re nodding your head, well, I’ve got some good news for you. My friend Craig recently launched his own firm, and he can help with website and e-commerce projects at a reasonable cost.

Sunshine Digital is the place for those of you looking for website help from a reliable team based right here in the US (Florida, to be specific). If you chat with Craig, please do tell him that I sent you. Contact him about your next project here.

Keep on Influencin’,


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