Google Adwords Conversion Tracking

Don’t “just” rely on Google Adwords’ conversion tracking pixel! You can do much better than that by letting LeadDyno tell you exactly how much business you are generating from each Ad Group you’re running on Google Adwords.

The problem with relying on Adwords for your conversion tracking is…

  1. It will only show you if someone hits a certain page… as Google will not know what they purchased, or how much, and…
  2. You don’t want to trust only Google… they are selling you the ads in the first place!

Google Adwords Converted Clicks

So you’re telling me I should keep paying up for the #1 search spot, Google?

Since LeadDyno is already “plugged in” with your e-commerce provider, we’ve got tracking links that you can use in your Adwords campaigns, too.

Here’s how to setup your Adwords conversion tracking…

Setup a New LeadDyno Tracking Campaign

Go to Marketing – Tracking Campaigns to create a new tracking campaign in LeadDyno.

You’ll get a link to your site that looks something like this one that I created for

Adwords conversion Tracking

This is the type of link you want to use in your Google Adwords campaigns.

Make This Link Your “Target URL” in Google Ads

We recommend using a unique LeadDyno tracking link for each Ad Group you are running within Google Adwords. Place this link as the Actual URL for each ad that you create within the Ad Group.

Google already does a good job at split testing your ads. What we want to determine is how each Ad Group – or set of keywords – is performing for you…

LeadDyno Campaign Tracking Link

Put a LeadDyno Campaign Tracking Link in the bottom field – the “Target URL.”

See Your Campaign Results in LeadDyno

Now, you’ll be able to account for each visitor, lead, and purchase that you receive as a result of each Google Ad.

And, you can also see specifically who visited your site from the ad, and who purchased from you!

Adwords Conversion Tracking Results

Free Training Webcast: How to Track Your Adwords & Facebook Ads

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