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14 Affiliate Programs for Fashion Bloggers

This one’s for all you fashion bloggers out there! If you’re looking for ways to monetize your blog posts then keep reading because we have created this guide of great fashion brands that you can affiliate with. Even if you are new to affiliate marketing, do not worry, as we are here to make it easy for you! So just sit back and enjoy the show as we present to you the latest affiliate programs for fashion bloggers.

In no particularly fashionable order, these are the fashion products that we will be covering today:

  • Fashionable Sunglasses (15% Commish)
  • 3D Men’s T-Shirts (10% Commish)
  • Flip Flops (10-15% Commish)
  • Ultimate Comfort Belt (20% Commish)
  • Women’s Vintage Eclectic Dresses (10% Commish)
  • Statement Apparel for Mountain Bikers (20% Commish)
  • For the Love of Leggings (25% Commish)
  • Affordable Baby Boutique (20% Commish)
  • Premium Christian Activewear (6-8% Commish)
  • Trendy Christian Clothing (8% Commish)
  • Funny Viral T-Shirts (20% Commish)
  • Trendy Men’s Fashion Accessories (30% Commish)
  • Boho Chic Clothing for Women of All Sizes (20% Commish)
  • Trendy Women’s Fashion & Accessories (25% Commish)
  • Flip Flops (10-15% Commish)

As you will notice, for our guide to affiliate programs for fashion bloggers, we will include the commission rates to help you decide which programs are more suited to your needs.

Here are the Latest Affiliate Programs for Fashion Bloggers

Fashionable Sunglasses: 15% Commission

Samba ShadesWeekend sunshine. Turn up the radio in your car, roll down your windows and let your hair down. Barbeque with your friends. Laughs. Good times. This is the lifestyle that the youthful outdoor enthusiast takes pleasure in. And this is the lifestyle that Samba Shades was made for.

Fashionable, unisex, vintage, retro, polarized, classic and many more collections – whatever your flair, you’ll find a rocking pair.

The perfect affiliate opportunity regardless of your target audience. Start earning commissions of 15% on sales when you apply to become an affiliate of Samba Shades.

3D Men’s T-Shirts: 10% Commission

Exclusive & Fast exclusive 3D T-shirtsGentlemen, you’ve been sweating it out at the gym and you’ve worked to get yourself into impressive shape. You’re allowed to show it off with muscle-hugging tees. Get yourself eye-catching 3D tees from Exclusive & Fast.

Dragons, galaxy, tribal, camouflage and other striking designs will give you an edge to your built appearance – you’ll look good. Women’s fashionable apparel is also available from Exclusive & Fast.

How about getting a share of those 3D 10% commission rates? Apply now to become an affiliate of Exclusive & Fast and start promoting these t-shirts on your blog.

Ultimate Comfort Belt: 20% Commission

BETTA Wear's Ultimate Comfort BeltI think we can all agree that belts are not exactly the most comfortable accessory worn. They serve a function more than they do comfort. It’s a bittersweet relationship because you can’t live without belts. Introducing the ultimate comfort belt for both men and women from BETTA Wear. This stretch belt is modern and comfortable but also durable – it won’t over-stretch like others.

Perfect for active and casual wear. Oh, and you don’t need to worry about setting off metal detectors at the airport and having to almost undress as a result – because the buckle is metal-free.

Another great marketing opportunity when you affiliate with BETTA Wear. Potentially earn 20% in commissions just for promoting their belts on your website.

Women’s Vintage Eclectic Dresses: 10% Commission

Poppy & Dot - Women's Vintage Dresses

Happy easy-going women carry a certain energy that is so magnetic. If you’re one of these women, then your style carries this energy too. Feminine floral prints and solid classics with a vintage eclectic flair. Feeling particularly high-spirited?

Your energy will blossom in a soft floral bell sleeve dress for $52 from Poppy & Dot. High-end quality dresses made to flatter all body types – you’ll feel comfortable and you’ll look lovely.

If you blog about women’s vintage clothing, then affiliating with Poppy & Dot is the way to go.

Statement Apparel for Mountain Bikers: 20% Commission

Mountain Biking Clothing Apparel

Number one reason to go mountain biking: it’s one of the most adventurous sports in the world. Escape the congestion of the city and explore the amazing natural atmospheres that this sport takes you to. Whether you’d like to embark alone or in a group, mountain biking creates feel-good vibes that you’ll always crave.

Mountain bikers know this better than anyone. So for the love of mountain bikers, Clevrel offers statement tees and hoodies that express all the vibes of this adventure sport.

Get your tee from $22.99.

With mountain biking on the rise, affiliating with Clevrel is a sure bet. And you get almost 5 bucks for every sale that you bring to them! Now, are you liking our affiliate programs for fashion bloggers guide?

For the Love of Leggings: 25% Commission

Lyssas Leggings

You’re either leggings or a skinny jeans type of gal.  This one is for all the leggings, ladies. You know how good they’ve been to you.  They hug your legs and make you feel sexy all while feeling awesomely comfortable.  And whenever you gain a few pounds, they still fit!

What more could a girl ask for?

So, for the love of leggings, click on over to Lyssas Leggings for leggings in all the prints that you could ever dream of.  Special leggings this season is their winter holiday collection in all the fun holiday prints from $15.

Hurry because they’re selling out fast!

A quarter of every sale goes to you! But… first, you need to sign up as an affiliate of Lyssas Leggings. What are you waiting for?

Affordable Baby Boutique: 20% Commission

SnuggleBug Boutique

Every mother relishes in dressing their baby in the cutest little outfits. Yes, it’s quite sweet seeing a little baby dressed as a sailor, in a tux or in the cutest little Christmas outfit. But all these cute little outfits are often not cute on the pocket. Especially considering the fact that your baby will outgrow these outfits so quickly. But this is why moms will love SnuggleBug Boutique.

You’ll get the most adorable quality baby outfits without breaking the bank. I’m talking $9.99 type of affordable. Moms, go on and indulge – be sure to check out the cute holiday collection.

Promote SnuggleBug’s products on your blog and you can earn a commission of 20% on sales that you generate. And the best part is that it is so easy to apply and become an affiliate of SnuggleBug Boutique.

Halfway mark of our affiliate programs for fashion bloggers guide…

Are you liking our affiliate programs for fashion bloggers guide? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments, and if you crave more fashion affiliate products – here’s another fashion post we released recently.

Premium Christian Activewear: 6-8% Commission


Everyone needs inspiration when they workout. For some, that inspiration is their faith. Christians will be inspired by TREXO GEAR – a premium Christian activewear brand. TREXO GEAR is inspired by Philippians 4:13 “to run; to give effort; to strive… through the Power of Christ!”.

How uplifting is that?

If you’re a Christian on a fitness journey, you’ll love the apparel from TREXO GEAR. Premium tanks, tees, and bottoms are available for both men and women.

The commission rate of 6-8% may seem really low but if you have a large Christian following, promoting TREXO GEAR products will be pretty profitable.

Trendy Christian Clothing: 8% Commission

Way Out Apparel

Here’s another awesome Christian inspired clothing brand. Get trendy Christian tees and caps from Way Out Apparel Co. Print designs are quite fascinating. To the naked eye, they look like funky prints, but when you look further, they carry a biblical message.

Millennial Christians will love these prints. Tees are available from $22 and 50% of all profits are donated to various charities. Certainly worth supporting, especially in the spirit of the holiday season.

We decided that as Christian clothing is a very specific niche, our affiliate programs for fashion bloggers guide would include TWO programs for you to affiliate with. Just like the previous one, the commission is low at 8% per sale, but affiliate with Way Out Apparel Co and TREXO GEAR to start earning some decent change.

Funny Viral T-Shirts: 20% Commission

Shirtoopia - Funny Viral T-shirts

A little laughter every day makes life a little lighter to live through. This is why Shirtoopia is so awesome. They are responsible for creating smiles, chuckles, and giggles in ordinary people’s lives with their funny viral t-shirts.

Some of the awesome prints include:

  • “Thug Wife”
  • “Mermaids Smoke Seaweed”
  • “I have a beautiful daughter. I also have a gun, a shovel & an alibi”

This is your quirky life on a shirt. We won’t judge, we’ll only laugh. Share the joy this holiday season and gift someone with a humorous tee from Shirtoopia.

Laugh your way to the bank because when you affiliate with Shirtoopia and promote their funny t-shirts on your fashion blog – you’ll be earning 20% on all your sales.

Trendy Men’s Fashion Accessories: 30% Commission

Men's Fashion Accessories | Classy Men Collection

Buying gifts for men are usually unexciting. Certainly not the same experience as buying for a woman. But, this holiday season, Classy Men Collection will make gift buying for any trend conscious man such a pleasure. You’ll find the latest fashion trends in men’s accessories from bracelets, watches, rings, sunglasses and more from $11.58.

Be sure to check out their stunning bracelets – they’re quite attractive. Style up the man in your life this holiday with exceptional quality accessories from Classy Men Collection.

The highest commission rate (30%) in today’s list of affiliate programs for fashion bloggers. You can earn these gorgeous commissions simply by becoming an affiliate of Classy Men Collection and promoting their fashion wear.

Boho Chic Fashion for Women of All Sizes: 20% Commission

Evelyn Blu - Chic Women's Fashion

Every woman wants to look good. Every woman deserves to look good, no matter her size. In the name of making women of all sizes look great without the fuss, Evelyn Blu creates beautiful fashion for all women.

This flattering clothing brand boasts vintage looks mixed with trendy styles, creating boho chic collections. Gift a woman with a charming top, dress or skirt this holiday season and make her feel great with Evelyn Blu.

If you’re a blogger for women’s fashion, then we suggest you become an affiliate of Evelyn Blu, where you have the chance to earn 20% commission on sales.

Trendy Women’s Fashion & Accessories: 25% Commission

Women's Fashion Exclusively from Belle LookEvery single thing a lady may need exists in one place. Yes, ladies – your shopping experience is about to be amazing. Yes, ‘cause that’s exactly what you’ll get when you shop at BelleLook. They have fashionable clothing, accessories, jewelry, bags, beauty tools, phone cases and so much more to make every lady standout.

Oh, and they also offer free worldwide shipping!

We know there are a ton of women bloggers out there, that’s why our second last entry of affiliate programs for fashion bloggers is again about women’s fashion. Apply now to become an affiliate of BelleLook and you will be on your way to earning 25% commission every time you invite a sale.

Flip Flops: 10-15% Commission

Affiliate Programs for Fashion Blogger - Combat Flip Flops

The most popular summer shoe:  flip-flops. Likely the oldest type of footwear and they are not going anywhere.  We all love the easiness, comfort, and freedom of wearing flip-flops. If you live in a warmer climate, set your toes free and get yourself a pair of flip flops from Combat Flip Flops.

These are flops with a special cause. An Afghan girl will be schooled for one day in secondary school for every product purchased from Combat Flip Flops. Help make a difference while you enjoy your love for flip-flops.

The final fashion affiliate program will earn you a commission of 10-15% on sales when you apply with Combat Flip Flop and promote their flip-flops.

Wrapping up our affiliate programs for fashion bloggers guide…

So what did you think? Let us know what other affiliate marketing programs you would like us to feature in our future post. We have a large database of affiliate opportunities, some of which include products relating to technology, food & drink, fitness, education and even business. So whatever niche you may be blogging about – we probably have an affiliate program just for you!

And so we invite you to take a peek at the rest of our affiliate programs.

Top Fashion Affiliate Programs of 2018

16 Top Fashion Affiliate Programs 2018 – Mens & Womens Fashion

Fashion brands are always in high competition against each other. They are always looking for additional means of marketing their products. That’s why we are creating for you our latest 2018 guide to the Top Fashion Affiliate Programs. These brands have specifically set up these programs so they can partner with affiliates like you. Therefore, rise up and go forth promoting the heck out of their products!

In return for your dedicated marketing efforts, these brands will pay you commissions of up to 20% everytime your leads result in a sale. Now let’s quickly run through these top fashion affiliate programs, so you have an idea of what you’re in for:

  • Quality leather jackets (18% commish)
  • Bohemian fashion (10% commish)
  • Handcrafted women’s fashion (20% commish)
  • Skeleton & Zombie fashion (10% commish)
  • Fun & affordable fashion (15% commish)
  • Discount men & women’s fashion (20-30% commish)
  • Watch straps (15% commish)
  • Women’s fashionable apparel (12% commish)
  • Personalized socks (20% commish)
  • Fun tees for moms and women (10% commish)
  • Preserve the Tiger fashion (20% commish)
  • Polarized Wood Sunglasses (10% Commish)
  • Personal Bra Shopper (10% Commish)
  • Apparel for Women on the Go (15% Commish)
  • Unique Women’s Fashion (15% Commish)
  • Stylish Women’s Fashion (5% Commish)

Top Fashion Affiliate Programs of 2018

Quality Leather Jackets – 18% Commission

Men and Womens Leather JacketsHow many jackets do you own? And of those jackets how many are quality leather? If you don’t own a leather jacket, you may have missed the fashion memo then.  Unlike your other jackets, a quality leather jacket has several added benefits. A leather jacket will look good with everything, it is suitable to wear in all seasons and it is timeless – it will last forever. Something any other jacket can’t beat.

Fad Closet has a large range of quality leather jackets in various styles and colors. And act quick! They have a HUGE 60% off sale, where you can get your own leather jacket for under 200 bucks. You’ll be glad you did!

And all partners in their affiliate program will earn a commission of 18% on sales. A pretty healthy start to our 2018 top fashion affiliate programs, wouldn’t you agree? So want to be the first to start promoting these jackets? Then apply right now to become affiliated with Fad Closet.

Bohemian Fashion – 10% Commission

Bohemian Fashion - Summer DressesWhen was the last time you wore a summer dress? Let your hair down? Danced under the sun with no care in the world? Stop being so serious all the time, and start living your life.

It’s time you set yourself free and live more happily. So head on over to Mindful Bohemian and you can experience that bohemian vibe. There you’ll find gorgeous apparel in bohemian, hippie and gypsy styles – in attractive pieces you’ll surely love. Free, flirty and fun fashion for both men and women for happy carefree experiences.

And for all you affiliates, start promoting this blissful lifestyle and you will see yourself earning a commission of 10% on sales.

Handcrafted Women’s Fashion – 20% Commission

Specially Handcrafted Womens ShoesThere is one problem with wearing flats. Looking too casual. If your lifestyle does not cooperate well with heels, then you’ve pretty much resorted to wearing flats. Nothing beats the comfort of flats. However, sometimes there is a fine line between looking to comfortable in a scruffy way and looking sophisticatedly smart and casual.

If you would like to polish up your casual comfortable look, then you’ll be pleased to find a sophisticated range of flats from Kallie & Co. These handcrafted shoes are cruelty free, ethically made and fair trade promoted.

Register with Kallie & Co’s affiliate program to start earning a whopping 20% on sales! Now how about that for a contender on our top fashion affiliate programs guide!

Skeleton & Zombie Fashion – 10% Commission

Skullection - Skulls + Zombies Fashion

There a two types of people. Those that blend into the background of things, and then there are those who illuminate. If you’re a skull lover, then you are part of the illuminating tribe. Because things like skeletons and zombies energize you, The Skullection creates fashion you’ll love.

Handmade high-quality fashion for men and women that evokes your passion for skulls. Also available are accessories such as iPhone cases, mugs, totes and pillows. Skulls and zombies don’t get any more appealing than this!

Want to promote The Skullection products and earn 10% in commission? Then apply here and you’ll be on your way to earning some extra money.

Fun & Affordable Fashion – 15% Commission

Ladies, the struggle is real. Days where you’re stuck in a rut and don’t know what to wear, right? No matter how large your closet is, somehow you just cannot immunize yourself from these days.

To help get ladies unstuck, Libby and Dot Collections offer fun and affordable new clothing pieces. From fun and funny graphic tees that will light up your happy spirit to exciting monthly subscription boxes.

Libby and Dot - Ladies Fashion ShopSubscribe for a Monogram monthly box for only $45 and you’ll get 3 monogram items sent to you every month. Because who doesn’t love monthly presents!

And for affiliates, their present to you is a commission of 15% everytime you introduce a sale.  So let’s get those gifts rolling out and apply now to become a fashion affiliate of Libby and Dot Collections.

Discount Men & Women’s Fashion – 20-30% Commission

Trendy Womens Clothing At Discounted Prices

Discounted anything and my face lights up! Hey, there is no harm in some online retail therapy, right? And especially when 50% off sales are involved! So why not head right over to Discounted Online Products and make yourself happy!

As a reward, you’ll be presented a range of fashionable mens and women’s luxury apparel. You will also get to browse their selection of swanky accessories – and all at fabulous prices! I’m talking hot ladies’ dresses from as low as $19.95 and crisp men’s blazers from only $49.95.

I think a new wardrobe is in order, right?

And for the marketers out there, how about a new affiliate program wardrobe? Join Discounted Online Product’s fashion affiliate program and you can earn commissions of 20-30% commission per sale.

Are you liking our guide so far to this years Top Fashion Affiliate Programs? Leave us a comment or even better, share this post!

Want More? You can browse 360+ additional clothing affiliate programs right here

Watch Straps – 15% Commission

Watch Straps Club Affiliate Program

There are two types of people in this world. Those that feel incomplete without a watch and then there are those that claim that their smartphone is good enough. If you can’t leave the house without your watch, then your watch has become part of your identity.

And thanks to the interchangeable straps trend, you can give your watch a style makeover as you please. At Watch Straps Club you can satisfy your fad with fashionable high-quality straps. You will find collections that include nylon, silicon, Milanese and leather in attractive colors.

We know that even affiliate marketers love watches. So start marketing these watches for Watch Straps Club and you’ll be on your way to earning 15% on sales.

Women’s Fashionable Apparel – 12% Commission

I have no complaints. No complaints from the Nali Store because their women’s section just ticks all the boxes:

  • trendy
  • feminine
  • colorful
  • funky
  • classic

Nali Store - Trendy Womens Apparel

Gorgeous slides may be the pretty you need to add to your dress down look. Alternatively, how about a butterfly printed cross body bag to give that soft feminine touch? Perhaps a implistic black and white print tee may be the freshness you need on an off day.

Whatever your fashion mood, you can be sure to find something tasteful at Nali Store.

Want to partner with Nali Store as an affiliate marketer? Want to earn 12% commission just for promoting their beautiful fashion items? Then apply here to start affiliating with Nali Store.

You’re only half way through… check out the rest of our top fashion affiliate programs…

Personalized Socks – 20% Commission

Treasured socks. Do you have a pair? I know, you’re probably thinking “how treasured can a pair of socks really get?”. However, there are certain occasions in life that make every little detail valuable.

Sockprints understands this.

Sockprints - Personalized Socks

A special day isn’t complete without special details like customized socks. Such as socks for the wedding day, socks for graduation, socks for Fathers’ Day, socks for Mothers’ Day and socks for any other day. Days that you’d like to add some happiness to your toes – fun and creative personalized socks at Sockprints.

And that’s how treasured socks can get.

20% is a pretty chunky commission. So what’s stopping you? Signup Now to become an affiliate of Sockprints. Then you can come back and explore the rest of the fashion programs.

Fun Tees for Moms & Women – 10% Commission

Fashionable Womens Clothing - Affiliate Marketing

Mom. The CEO of chaos. She is the BOSS. Her day often involves coffee (lots of it), cardio (no gym needed) and maybe some wine (when the going gets tough). She is also the queen of the heart and the hustle.

So why not add a bit of fun and happiness to her day. Green Originals Design has everyday tees and accessories made for moms and women.

From only $20, a fun tee from Green Originals Design will add a good amount of chuckle to Mom’s day.

Affiliates too, can help Mom’s have an brilliant day by promoting Green Originals Design’s awesome products. And from doing so, you’ll be earning a satisfying commission of 10% on each sale.

Preserve The Tiger Fashion – 20% Commission

3,800 tigers. That is what’s left of them in the world – incase you missed that memo. Did you know that the tiger has become endangered mainly due to poaching and illegal wildlife trade? The impact of just one dead tiger has an immediate multiplied effect where further numbers are dwindled.

So to help support tiger conservation projects, you can purchase a tee or hoodie from Preserve the Tiger.

Preserve The Tiger Affiliate Fashion

The best thing is that 10% of proceeds will be donated to TigerTime. So help save the tiger and look good doing it.

And in addition to that, affiliates can earn a decent commission of 20% on sales. So don’t miss this chance, and apply now to become an affiliate marketer for Preserve the Tiger.

You made it this far. So you must be liking our Top Fashion Affiliate Programs listings. Don’t forget to sign up for your favorites and get in touch if you have any questions.

Be sure to also check out the other fashion related programs you can sign up for

Polarized Wood Sunglasses – 10% Commission

Wooden Sunglasses - Forever Fashion

Fashion is attitude and lifestyle. Fashion is part of your identity. So if things like polarized wood sunglasses, tattoo t-shirts and ugly Christmas sweaters fits (yes) with your attitude and lifestyle, then you’ll find Forever Fashion pleasing.

They offer a wide and dynamic range of products. In fact, Forever Fashion offers items for almost anyone. No jokes. From your mom to your dad to wine lovers and dog lovers. You will be sure to find a style that you’ll love!

Calling all prospective affiliates! Forever Fashion are now offering you a chance to market their delightful products with the potential to earn 10% commission per sale.

Personal Bra Shopper – 10% Commission

Did you know that over 80% of women wear ill-fitting bras? In other words, most women in this world have not experienced the greatest pleasure and comfort from wearing the perfect bra. Every woman deserves to.

Unique Personal Bra Shopper Experience

So if you feel that your bra experience has a lot more to be desired, then Brayola is here to save the day. Brayola is a personal bra shopper that will help you discover your best bra. It will give you a personalized experience as you tell Brayola the bra you like. Also, they will find women who look like you and then display a collection of bras in your size.

This is bra wonderland and you’ll love it!

Affiliates, start promoting Brayola’s bras and earn commissions of 10% on each sale. But if you want to view the rest of our top fashion affiliate programs list, then carry on reading.

Affiliate Apparel for Women on the Go – 15% Commission

Are you a woman on the go? Mad rushes, meetings, errands and always stuff to do. Does this sound like you? Then how would you like to transform your style into uncomplicated comfort and versatility? Clothing that will mix and match with easy. Outfits that you can throw on and look fantastic without stressing too much in the process.

Shay & Coco - Apparel for Women

If this is your kind of vibe, then you’ll find apparel you’ll love from Shay & Coco. Designed for women on the go, Shay & Coco makes it easy to look great with clothing pieces that will give you endless looks.

As an affiliates marketing these fashion essentials, you’ll be looking to earn a commission of 15% on all sales you initiate. So get registering now to Shay & Coco’s exclusive affiliate program.

Unique Women’s Fashion Affiliate – 15% Commission

VoguesUs - Womesn Fashion with Attitude

Have a bold personal style and attitude? Not shy to turn heads because of your uncommon appearance? Then you will definitely love VoguesUs. VoguesUs offers a pleasing collection of unique fashion for women. From formal wear to casual wear, you’ll discover unique pieces that will make you stand out from the crowd. You’ll be admired for your interesting but flattering fashion sense.

Become an affiliate for VoguesUs today and start earning commissions of 15% on sales.

Stylish Women’s Fashion Affiliate Program – 5% Commission

Ready to make a statement with a stylish high-quality look? Then click on over to Belle Valoure where you’ll discover collections of outfits, shoes, handbags and accessories for the sophisticated woman. Fashion designed to give you a polished appearance, no matter the occasion. You’ll certainly be that women in the room that is admired for her tasteful composure and style.

Womens Fashion - Belle Valoure Affiliate Program

This may be the lowest commission rate (5%) of the bunch, but at least we’re ending the top fashion affiliate programs with style! So if you think you have what it takes to market Belle Valoure’s fashion products, then register now to become an affiliate.


Did you find our guide, 16 Top Fashion Affiliate Programs 2018 useful? Perhaps you found products that you are now itching to begin promoting. Let’s us know. We would love to hear from you. On the other hand, maybe you are a merchant who runs your own webstore and our article has inspired you to start your own affiliate program. If that’s the case, then we invite you to explore your options of growing an affiliate network.

Wooden Jewelry Affiliate Program Guide

Wood Jewelry Affiliate Program : Latest Products Of 2018

It has been about 9 months since we last released a guide about any Jewelry Affiliate Program. Some of you may now be new parents! Congratulations! Now, it WOOD not be right for us not to gift you with our very own newest additions to the family.

In no particular order, here are the latest jewelry products of 2018 that you can start promoting:

  • Eco-friendly wood watches (8% commish)
  • Detailed wooden & bamboo watches (10-20% commish)
  • Fashionable wooden & bamboo sunglasses (15% commish)

(And don’t forget you can browse 130+ more jewelry products to promote right here, too).

Jewelry Affiliate Program: Latest Wooden and Bamboo Products

Eco-friendly Wooden Watches for 8% Commission

Wooden Jewelry Affiliate Program - Branch & Roots

Wooden jewelry is the latest trend. You either love it or love it – it’s that cool! Wooden watches generally add that special charm. If you’d like to add some charm to your look, then you should click on over to Branch & Roots. Check out their handcrafted range of wooden watches and sunglasses in simplistic and classic designs – oh my fav is the retro style pair.

Branch & Roots are more than just a company that makes wooden jewelry. Instead of cutting down trees, the finest wood that has been discarded through production is used. They create fashionable jewelry for you without costing the environment.

Affiliates earn a commission of 8% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Branch & Roots.

Detailed Wooden & Bamboo Watches for 10-20% Commission

Wood and Bamboo Watches - Affiliate with Nimbos

There are two types of people in this world. Those driven by fashion and then those driven by their own unique style.  If superior classic is your style and you only do leather shoes and belts, then you will find great pleasure in the range of watches from Nimbos.

The range of wooden or bamboo watches have detailed designs and completed with quality packaging. So, if you’re not buying for yourself then you will definitely find a fine piece to gift someone with.

Affiliates earn a commission of 10-20% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Nimbos.

Fashionable Wooden & Bamboo Sunglasses for 15% Commission

Woodnax - Wooden & Bamboo Sunglasses

I’m really feeling the wooden fashion vibe. Like these wooden sunglasses from Woodnax are “gotta haves”. Even with no fashion sense whatsoever, you can rock a pair of these sunglasses and be socially accepted – oh and you’ll look great! Sometimes it’s all about the accessories – and in this case, these fashionable wooden sunglasses will save you.

From $57, you can add some notable style to your look with a pair of rocking wooden or bamboo sunglasses from Woodnax. Oh and be sure to check out their range of wooden watches too.

And for this last program, affiliates can earn a commission of 15% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Woodnax.


If you weren’t with us the last time we released a Jewelry Affiliate Program guide, then you can still go and check it out.